From the first “Aloha” heard upon arrival in Hawaii, followed by a lei and a kiss that brings the sweet breath of flower-scented air, many visitors describe a sense of joy and peace [laule’a] washing over them.  Hawaii draws people from all walks of life to relax and play amidst its majestic volcanoes, mountains, white sand beaches and impossibly blue ocean. You can feel the healing begin with soft breezes, pure air, crystal skies, brilliant stars and heavenly music. Hawaii boasts amongst the healthiest and longest-lived people in the US, and the reasons include all the above.  But there is much more to this story – the peoples of Hawaii maintain health through a deep sense of meaning and connection in their lives that goes well beyond reverence for the natural environment.  Music, sustainable food, being in nature, love of family, appreciation for the wisdom of elders, sharing of resources, practicing rituals of the heart and spirit; they all mean that Aloha is more than a word, it is a way of life.  We invite you into this local lifestyle to share precious healing experiences that tap the wisdom and Aloha of Hawaii’s Kumu’s (masters), Kahuna (wise elders) and local healers.


Me, My Selves and “I” – Kumu Ramsay introduces us to the spiritual practice of healing mentally, physically and spiritually known as the sacred ritual of Ho’oponopono.

The Secret Art & Science of Lua [the Hawaiian martial art of self defense]  Kumu Ramsay introduces us to the way of the Hawaiian Warrior and the martial art of Lua. Banned in the 1840s when missionaries arrived in Hawaii, the teaching of lua became a lost art. Reborn in 1991, only a few people know and practice Lua today.

Minimum 10 up to 20 people.  Call for dates and venues if not posted.


A Journey of Rebirth – Huaka‘i Hanahou

Experience a personal renewal and reawakening of your spirit and senses on this exclusive adventure guided by Kumu Ramsay Taum. Normally reserved as a tour for dignitaries, Kumu Ramsay leads you through this awakening, becoming one with the water as it flows to the sea [wai to kai].

Join him as he guides you into a 1500 ft sacred tunnel under the Ko’olau Mountains to drink and bathe in water purified through the volcanic rock. This experience can only be described as bathing in the purest waters of life.  It literally rains on you from the source, and leaving the tunnel is like a rebirth from the womb of Papa [Hawaiian earth mother].  We follow the path of water as it makes its way to the ocean, bringing life and nutrients to rich lo’i kalo [taro fields] and loko ‘i’a [fishponds]. This is life as the ancient Hawaiians knew and lived, reintroduced to us by Kumu and the community that cares for these Hawaiian treasures of taro and fish.

This adventure takes you into a community of farmers and fishermen/ women, and is subject to their availability.  We offer the dates below and private groups by appointment.

1/2 Day  |  minimum 10 people