Polynesians were the first settlers to reach these breathtaking tropical islands, but modern Hawaiian culture is inextricably linked to the diverse ethnic contributions of people that make up Hawaii today. Polynesians engaged in ancient fishing, agriculture and healing rituals and practices that are fun and enlightening to explore. Hawaii was once a Monarchy with fascinating stories to be told. Whaling, sugar cane and pineapple industries shaped Hawaii’s early economy and landscape, giving birth to the fantastic cultural diversity of food, music, art, architecture and native rituals brought by each group, now woven into the tapestry of the Hawaiian lifestyle. Native Hawaiians were tapped by plantation owners to work in the cane and pineapple fields, but because so many died from foreign diseases, plantations were forced to look afar for workers, brought to Hawaii from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. Hawaii today embraces this incredible ‘Hapa’ culture and below are Travelcations’ uniquely curated cultural immersion experiences, and for you to understand why we love Hawaii Nei.

Read about and join us on our exclusive cultural tour adventures hosted by Kumu Ramsay Taum. The title of Kumu is awarded by elders to designate mastery as a teacher and a keeper of essential Hawaiian knowledge. Travelcations is delighted and privileged to offer adventures with this inspiring speaker, teacher, writer and recognized transformational thought leader.


Pearl Harbor National Park

Because Pearl Harbor is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii, we provide the information you will need to go there, including links to the National Park Service website. We definitely recommend an excursion to this historic site. 

Pearl Harbor is a National Park and is FREE – except for a small fee charged by the Park Service to reserve online. The Park Service gives out 1,300 FREE walk-in tickets daily, on a first come, first served basis. You can book up to 60 days in advance and it is recommended that once you know when you will be in Hawaii you reserve to guarantee your visit (spots fill up fast!). You also have the option to reserve the day of your visit, BUT space is likely to be sold out. Pearl Harbor National Park memorializes a profound day in U.S. history and is a touching and well presented experience by the Park Service.

You can also take a bus tour – a few of which pick up in Ko Olina (most leave from Waikiki). These are expensive and add little value in our view unless you do not have a car to drive to Pearl Harbor.

Click on this Park Service link, then click ‘Reserve’ on the menu bar, or go directly to the link here for tickets. The Park Service link has a lot of other interesting info on the site, including available onsite tour options and directions.

A word of CAUTION: do not leave any valuables in your car in the parking lot of Pearl Harbor.


Paradise Cove Lu’au

Rated Oahu’s Best Luau by Trip Advisor, and located within the Ko Olina Resort. A Luau is a Hawaiian cultural ritual of eating and celebration practiced by families and friends for birthdays, anniversaries and important events. They prepare a wild pig in an Imu oven in the ground, joining together for fun and entertainment.  

Paradise Cove introduces you to this great island tradition, beginning with a lei greeting and delicious Mai Tai. On a secluded 12 acre beachfront estate in Ko Olina you are transported into ancient Hawaii and invited to take part in authentic island games, crafts and activities. As the sun melts into the sea, you feast at the Hawaiian Lu’au, and then sit back in your chair and be amazed as Polynesian dancers perform as if just for you. Visit Paradise Cove Lu’au for an enchanting experience of old Hawaii.

Click below to choose from the 3 Package Options. Discounted prices available for Adults, Youth and Children.


A Lighthearted Historic Adventure –
Honolulu Exposed: WWII Red Light Tour

Tagged by the founder as “An Historical Walking Tour of Debauchery and Corruption”, this light-hearted 90 minute stroll through historic Chinatown gives you an authentic feel of life before and during World War II in Honolulu.  Learn about “boogie houses” where ‘ladies of affection’ practiced their trade.  See the oldest bar in town and many historic hotels and buildings of this old Honolulu neighborhood made famous by films and television in Here to Eternity, Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-O.

This tour is great fun , and a witty and humorous narrative of life from the point of view of sailors, prostitutes, and local cops.  As Carter your tour guide says,  “This tour is rated R for Rn’t you glad you didn’t bring the kids?”

We recommend you follow the tour, which begins at 9:30am and ends about 11am, with a delectable lunch at any of our recommended Chinatown restaurants for the hottest, newest culinary treats.

Community-Based Cultural Adventures with Kumu Ramsay Taum

Travelcations is delighted to offer true immersion experiences with one of Hawaii’s most esteemed Kumu’s. Adventures feature sacred stories, places and rituals. These activities are uniquely designed and curated by Kumu Ramsay to introduce the living history and culture of Hawaii, and engage you with local communities. 

  • Length of each adventure: 2 Hours unless otherwise arranged
  • Where: Locations and map will be provided with registration
  • When: Dates and times are scheduled based on demand.  PLEASE CALL US TO INQUIRE AT 808-797-7441.  Click on the Reserve button for further details
  • Minimum # of people: 10 min – 15 max (We will combine other groups with yours to reach the minimum number)
  • Price: $69 pp

A Journey of Rebirth – Huaka‘i Hanauhou

Experience a personal renewal and reawakening of your spirit and senses on this exclusive adventure guided by Kumu Ramsay Taum. Normally reserved as a tour for dignitaries, Kumu Ramsay leads you through this awakening, becoming one with the water as it flows to the sea. [Wai to Kai].  Join him as he guides you into the 1500 ft hidden tunnel under the Ko’olau Mountains to drink and bathe in water purified through the volcanic rock. This experience can only be described as bathing in the purest waters of life.  It literally rains on you from the source, and leaving the tunnel is like a rebirth from the womb of Papa [Hawaiian earth mother].  We follow the path of water as it makes its way to the ocean, bringing life and nutrients to rich lo’i kalo [taro fields] and loko ‘i’a [fishponds]. This is life as the ancient Hawaiians knew and lived, reintroduced to us by Kumu and the community that cares for these Hawaiian treasures of taro and fish.

Community Cultural Support Days

Work with local communities to preserve cultural areas.  Stay tuned for upcoming events.