While there are many ocean adventures already on offer in Oahu, you would think this would be an easy section to curate, but in fact it is not! Following our mission of sustainable travel, we are very careful in our selection of adventures that really do not harm long term viability for the ocean and its creatures, while at the same time are fun, educational and exciting.

We no longer recommend ANY “Swimming With Wild Dolphins” tours. Thank you NOAA for raising our awareness of how wild dolphins react to these tours. The large numbers of people tours attract create significant stress for these wild ocean mammals and put their survival at risk. Oahu is one of the islands halting these tours as of early 2017.

See below for recommended options that keep our oceans and sea creatures safe today and sustainable for the future.


Whale Watching,  Eco-Friendly Dolphin Encounters, Snorkeling, Scuba & Sunset Ocean Tours

Hawaii Nautical offers whale watching, dolphin and other cruises off the nearby Waianae coast.  We have chosen them as our preferred ocean activity vendor because:

• They demonstrate a respect for the ocean and the ecosystem, and follow strict guidelines so that all marine mammals and wildlife are protected. Hawaii Nautical is actively engaged in protecting our marine environment by educating our guests and community about important ocean issues.

• They are Hawaii’s first Dolphin Smart-recognized operator. They also follow the guidelines of the Coral Reef Alliance, to establish lasting change and promote coral reef health around the world.

RESERVE NOW for DISCOUNTED rates for Ocean Adventure options.  Free shuttle from Ko Olina or self drive.  Waianae Boat Harbor.


Girls Who Surf

The safest surf school in Waikiki, Ko Olina, Ala Moana and Kapolei.  Since 2005, Girls Who Surf (SurfHNL) has been providing premier surf and stand up paddle board lessons to residents and visitors from all over the world (NOT JUST FOR GIRLS – ADULTS, TEENS AND KIDS OF ALL AGES)!  Join them on an incredible ocean adventure.  Whether it be a thrilling surf ride or surreal stand up paddle boarding experience, their mission is to provide the safest ocean experience possible!  Constantly keeping an eye out on swells, winds, weather, and tide conditions to ensure you get the best experience!

All Lessons Include:
Surf Gear: Surfboard, Paddle (SUP Only), Leash, Long-sleeved rash guard, Surf leggings (Women Only), Reef shoes
Spring suit available for kids 12 & under
Life jacket (Available upon request)
Land Demonstration and Safety Instructions
Local, experienced, Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR Certified Instructors

All you need to bring to the beach is some water, sunscreen, and a towel!
**Instructor gratuity is NOT included in lesson price.

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Paradise Cove Beach

Just a few minutes walk from the Beach Villas will bring you to a magical experience at Paradise Cove Beach.  The lagoon can be reached by walking past the Four Seasons Hotel on the main road and take a left into the parking area of the Paradise Cove Luau. (public parking is in a tiny lot on the beach side, but there are rarely spots open). Walk down the beach path, ideally in the early afternoon when the sun hits the water just right, and enjoy our local family of Hawaiian Sea Turtles who eat and play in the lagoon – they have even been spotted surfing the swell as it comes in over the rocks!  They may swim right up beside you, but please do not touch or harass these protected animals. You might get lucky and see one of our endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals come ashore for a nap on the beach. 

Hawai‘i has strict laws protecting turtles, seals, dolphins and whales – including hefty fines for harassing, touching or following them. The beach is often patrolled.  Please ensure all, including children, abide by these laws. Thank you for your kokua [support].