Living a Joyous Life Is Good for You!

At Travelcations we want you to know that living a joyous life creates well being, actually protecting you and making you resilient at every age.  We have summarized this knowledge in what we call The 5 Elements of Well Being: Discovery, Play, Care & Connection, Restoration and Achievement/Purposeful Living.  Engaging in these activities lowers risk for diseases, builds cognitive and physical reserves and protects your health. And the experiences embodied in the 5 Elements bear a surprisingly high correlation to health as you age. Travelcations has created and curated unique travel experiences and activities to supercharge this connection.  The confirmed link between health and lifestyle requires innovative approaches to bring the science out of the lab and into our lives to protect us against diseases, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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We Are Wired at Birth to Engage

A lifestyle engaged in enhanced positive and emotionally meaningful experiences and relationships is protective and can improve and enhance brain and whole-body health. Our brain networks are wired at birth, and need to be continuously strengthened and challenged to remain healthy. We rewire our brains by cross-training multiple networks, creating cognitive flexibility, the ability to move between different activities and demands on the brain. Continued engagement in high-value, diverse experiences enables us to grow neurons, heighten connectivity, add cognitive reserves and potentially extend optimum physical and brain functions across our entire life span.

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Travelcations is committed to helping you discover multiple ways to enrich your lifestyle, and keep you on a path of sustained health at every age. Our blog posts are engaging, educational and help you understand how to strengthen your resiliency, positively impact lifestyle habits, and boost your overall brain and body health. 

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