Travel Experiences Can Open Up Your World
to Health and Wellbeing


My introduction to travel began at the Russian Pavilion of Expo 67 in Montreal with my favorite person in the world – my grandfather. He moved through the exhibits like the experienced explorer he was, introducing me to culture, food, people and the magic of the World’s Fair.  It was my first exposure to the wondrous adventures travel can offer, though we weren’t even in the actual countries! His enthusiasm was contagious, awakening in me an insatiable thirst for more. The experience helped me define my essence, centering me in a world much more diverse and exciting than I had ever imagined. It also led me to seek out travel in every aspect of my adult life.

My mother developed dementia in her late 70’s. Despite being active and vibrant her whole life, she completely stopped engaging when her beloved husband died. A few years later she was diagnosed with dementia, leading me to wonder if and how life experiences influence our health outcomes over time. Our team of PhD’s conducted extensive reviews of the latest neuroscience and medical research discoveries, which indeed confirm that lifestyle – how we live each day – is overwhelmingly linked to future health. And the best finding is that it is never too late to improve our resiliency through the choices we make each day.

It turns out that travel is one of the very best ways to alter, jump-start or reinforce healthy living. The right mix of travel literally lights up our brains, improving health, memory and longevity. Travel experiences can inspire us to align our lives with our dreams, creating and restoring health in the process. Amazingly the benefits of travel have been shown to last for many months after you return home.

Travelcations is proud to offer meaningful, fun and immersive travel experiences. Our 5 Elements of Well Being engage travelers in curated activities that boost wellbeing through discovery, caring & connection, play, restoration and purposeful achievement. For our longer adventures we even calculate a Travel Tracker score that measures health values when compared to a normal week.

Be Worldly. Be Well. Have Fun.

This is our mantra. We invite you to join us in making it yours for a lifetime of wellbeing.

Joan Kelly Parsons
Founder & CEO

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