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By August 15, 2017Travel

US workers forfeited an astounding 669 million vacation days last year, according to Project: Time Off, a research group headed by the US Travel Association. This stat reminded me of the tremendous importance vacations and leisure time have in our lives. Did you know that people who take vacations are healthier, have fewer heart attacks and strokes, and live longer than those who don’t?  Travel brings health, and you could not have chosen a better location to get healthy than the Beach Villas in beautiful Hawaii Nei.

Our guests share a common goal; to relax and relieve the accumulated stresses of their busy lives through shared activities and experiences with family/friends in this beautiful place. Hosting you means we can make a difference not just by renting beautiful villas, but helping you have a vacation that adds health and years to your life. What are you most looking forward to when you arrive in Oahu? Is it taking that first breath of flower-scented air, gazing at the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, dipping a toe or diving into the lagoon or pool, or just the cool island breezes?  Science tells us that being in a place like Hawaii creates health for a number of reasons. For example natural environments cause us to take deeper breaths and slow our heart rate. And when back home your brain and body relive the experience with each savored memory, tapping nearly the same health benefits gained when actually here!

The most relaxing, energizing and memorable activities are those that are different from what we normally do.  Our bodies and minds seek out change to routines to help us escape ‘the grind’. For some that means great restaurants, for others its cooking at home with local ingredients from farmer’s markets, some love to snorkel and dive, others sit by the pool or immerse in a new culture. Whichever activities fulfill your goal to refresh and renew, we know you are here for just a short time. This means you need to choose wisely, so we want to make sure you are aware of choices which, in our opinion, are among the best. I created Travelcations to draw attention to the little known link between travel & health, and help you have a great vacation by engaging in activities that are joyful, fulfilling and meaningful; all while contributing to your health.

We are delighted to welcome you to Hawaii Nei. We hope our Travelcations site and activity recommendations will enhance your enjoyment of this magnificent place and help you shed the stresses of the world while you are with us.

Be Worldly. Be Well. Have Fun.

Joan Parsons


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