You cannot fully appreciate the majesty of Hawaii’s landscapes without a visit to Diamond Head when in Oahu. Denby Fawcett has written a superb history and trail guide to prepare you for your hike to the top of this iconic volcanic crater, the backdrop to Waikiki, known the world over. Denby, a native of Honolulu, is a veteran newspaper and TV journalist and inductee into the AP Television Radio Association’s Hall of Fame. Denby shares stories, photos and history that celebrate Diamond Head in her must read guide book.

The book is chock full of old photos and posters, and a trail guide describing the walk to the top. Also included is a history of the religious and ritual significance for native Hawaiians, flora and fauna, and the take over by the US military during WW II. To climb the crater without the companionship offered in Denby’s book gives you only half the experience!

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Hawaii’s Ancient Sustainable Land Management System

A centuries-old Hawaiian system of land use embraced access to resources in the ahupua’a, a land division that stretched from mountain to sea. Within the ahupua’a, fishponds and lo’i kalo (taro gardens) ensured an abundance of food.

This tour is conducted by Kumu Ramsay Taum and up until now has been reserved for dignitaries visiting Oahu, showcases the remarkable ahupua’a land system, one of 7 sustainable management systems known in the world today.

Stay tuned for this fabulous adventure.