Immerse Yourself In the 5 Elements
of Well Being on Travelcations Adventures

Our travel adventures bring you joyous new experiences during which you make new discoveries, connect to your playful side and restore your mind, body and spirit. Our adventures incorporate healthy foods, being in nature, trying new skills, caring for others, exercise and relaxation.  All choices are flexible to meet your individual needs and preferences.

We provide something that no other travel company does – unique and immersive experiences that integrate the 5 essential elements for health and wellbeing into your life.  By engaging your creativity, lighting up your spirit and deeply connecting you to authentic people and destinations, you and those you meet benefit in the moment and well after you return home. We embed you within the local culture and help you flourish through captivating experiences that provide the emotional spark and essence of living that keeps us vital.

We are passionate about helping people enjoy a healthy, active life through travel and discovery. We offer carefully-curated itineraries along with clean, comfortable, even luxurious local-style accommodations and fresh, delicious cuisine prepared daily.

Our 7-9 day adventures take you to gorgeous environments and immerse you in local culture, people, language, arts, food, and farm.  Referred to as “Community-based travel” by the Wall Street Journal, our 1/2 and 1 day Hawaii Nei adventures explore the authentic spirit of Hawaii and its residents that contribute to making this place one of the healthiest on earth.

Travelcations integrates activities that add up to the 5 Elements of Well-being; discovery, connection, play, restoration and purposeful achievement. We invite you to join us, and enjoy the difference a Travelcations lifestyle can make in your health and wellbeing now and into the future.


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