How We Determine Travel Ratings

Travel provides the opportunity to break the mold, do new things, meet new people, and sweep away the cobwebs from neural and body networks that might be neglected at home. But not all travel is equally stimulating for brain or body. Travelcations specializes in creating/ curating enriched travel experiences that are specifically designed to “supercharge” whole body wellness by accessing your networks in unusual ways and in compelling combinations.

The Travel Tracker is a unique tool designed to help you get the most out of your vacation. Here’s how it works: to determine a rating the Travel Tracker assesses each itinerary, independently evaluating each activity for its ability to stimulate and re-balance your brain and body in more than two dozen different ways. This produces a raw score. Then we step back and look at the big picture to see how total activities score overall. We assess which networks are well-represented, and any that may need improvement. We then enhance each and every offering, refining the itinerary until we believe it delivers unparalleled value.

Travel Tracker ratings are a quick and easy way to compare the richness and variety of experiences that we offer on our programs. Compared to a typical week of home, work, and leisure activities that most people engage in, which would score between 2 and 3 in our system. Travelcations Adventures score between 8.5 and 10, meaning that they offer about 3 to 5 times as much enrichment as an ordinary week. We do this by carefully crafting each event on the itinerary—whether it is a bike ride, a massage, or a farm-to-table meal—to inspire brain and body wellness across several major networks at once. In this way, we avoid the “travel treadmill” of programs that run you through an exhaustive schedule of largely meaningless events. Instead, you’ll find a comfortable number of activities that are rewarding in a myriad of ways, and on our 1/2 or 1 day adventures you can mix and match to your liking.

Take a look at our itineraries for Italy and Thailand and you’ll see what we mean. Our 7-day Italian Village itinerary scores 9.3 by featuring a wide range of engaging activities in historic hill towns, agrarian estates, and ancient spas. Our Thailand adventure immerses you in the lives of temple monks, working elephants, and traditional craftsmen, yielding a Travel Tracker score of 9.5. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll lean in and be swept up into every aspect of each experience, or whether you’ll lean back as an observer and let the experiences wash over you. Whatever you decide, we think you’ll have the time of your life.