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Join Travelcations adventures to integrate The 5 Elements of Wellbeing into your life;
Discovery, Connection, Play, Restoration and Purposeful Achievement.  


Tap your essence, seek out joy and meaningful experiences, all while on vacation! Travelcations are designed to provide fun and fascinating vacation activities while enhancing your health and wellbeing.  Our curated adventures ignite your creativity and deeply connect you to people and environments in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.  Tagged by the Wall Street Journal as a way to enjoy authentic, enriching travel experiences, community-based travel brings you into the very heart of local culture where you hear and experience the stories behind the story.  At Travelcations, hands-on adventures become a true exchange between you and the talented locals who share their knowledge and wisdom.

Wellbeing is developed through lifestyle activities that add joy, discovery and meaning to your life.  This builds resilience and can dramatically lower risk for disease.  These findings are well documented throughout neuroscience and medical literature, but have never been curated through travel offerings until now. And the benefits last long after you return home.

  Travelcations engage you in enriched, memory building activities that immerse you into the local culture and community, with real and lasting enhancement to your wellbeing.  We create sustainable travel for both visitors and visited, and you just might be lucky enough to build lifetime friendships along the way.

Hawai’i Nei
[Our Beloved Hawai‘i]

2 Hours – 1/2 Day
Ongoing – Check Activity Schedules

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Testimonials from Past Participants

I feel like I live in Italy, in my village, with my friends and local family.

I loved Hawaii Nei's farm adventure!